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Volunteer Engagement Essentials
Especially for AmeriCorps Members

An intensive, all-day workshop for members of AmeriCorps in Oregon.

Presenter: Jayne Cravens

Morning presentation in OpenOffice; also available in PDF.

Afternoon presentation in OpenOffice; also available in PDF.

Please respect my copyright; if you use these presentation materials, please make sure I have full credit as author, and include links to my information. Letting me know you are using these materials would be appreciated. Please do NOT upload these materials elsewhere.

These resources supplement the training:

ACEE VISTA School Volunteer Management Handbook. This handbook was a resource guide for VISTAs in charge of managing school-based volunteers for Sanchez Elementary School in Austin, Texas through the AmeriCorps for Community Engagement and Education Program. Although much of this handbook is site specific (relating only to Sanchez Elementary School), all of the information should be helpful to anyone managing a school-based volunteering program or working with volunteers in general.  

Corporation for National and Community Service Knowledge Networks - resources for AmeriCorps members, SeniorCorps members, and others in national service programs.

Required Volunteer Information on Your Web Site
If your organization or department involves volunteers, or wants to, there are certain things your organization or department must have on its web site - no excuses! To not have this information says that your organization or department takes volunteers for granted, does not value volunteers beyond money saved in salaries, or is not really ready to involve volunteers. Here is what absolutely should be on your web site regarding volunteers

Recruiting Local Volunteers To Increase Diversity Among the Ranks
Having plenty of volunteers usually isn't enough to say a volunteering program is successful. Another indicator of success is if your volunteers represent a variety of ages, education-levels, economic levels and other demographics, or are a reflection of your local community. Most organizations don't want volunteers to be a homogeneous group; they want to reach a variety of people as volunteers (and donors and other supporters, for that matter). This resource will help you think about how to recruit for diversity, or to reach a specific demographic.

Creating One-Time, Short-Term Group Volunteering Activities
Details on not just what groups of volunteers can do in a two-hour, half-day or all-day event, but also just how much an organization or program will need to do to prepare a site for group volunteering. It's an expensive, time-consuming endeavor - are you ready? Is it worth it? 

Energize, Inc. - largest publisher of volunteer engagement-related books. Web site includes numerous free resources.

TechSoup - nonprofit providing discounts on brand name software and an online forum to discuss computer and Internet technology use by nonprofits.

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