Thoughts on Sherlock Holmes
July 2006
Part of a special reading quest:
Famous Books No One Reads Anymore

I started reading Sherlock Holmes stories because of Stefan: he has read them all in German, and had started to re-read them in English. I started with The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes , which is a book of short-stories that happen after A Study in Scarlett, which I read most recently. The second book of Holmes stories I read was The Hound of the Baskervilles.

The last one I read was Sign of the Four First off, Sir Arthur Connen Doyle is a really good writer; his dialogue crackles, and his characters are not-only memorable, they are downright hilarious at times. I can't say this about all of the authors I've been reading as part of this quest. All of the stories and books are quick, easy reads. Sherlock Holmes is not at all as he has been portrayed on film (much as I love Basil Rathbone, his Sherlock is too suave and polite by a mile). Could moviegoers accept a more authentic Holmes portrayal based on the books? I'm not sure...

My only complaint: the stories end abruptly, as though the author has no idea how to end the story and wrap up the circumstances he's imagined. Very frustrating.

My favorites: The Hound of the Baskervilles and A Study in Scarlett. But there's still more to read...

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