Researching my family's mutt genealogy is an occasional hobby of mine. I'm not very far along... but I thought I would put a bit of the information I have gathered online, so that it can be found by various online search engines and spiders and, eventually, others who share this ancestry. Indeed, it's on as well.

If you read a name below and think it's a common ancestor, please contact me):

Beasley, Morris, Figgins and Smith

My great grandfather was William Ambrose Beasley. I'm not sure where he was born. He was born in February 1887. He lived most of his life in Henderson County, Kentucky. His father, my great, great grandfather, was David Beasley.

My great, great grandmother was Isabel Morris, born Isabel Figgins, in 1853, in Indiana. Her mother was Ruth -- not sure of her last name. Ruth was born in 1821 in Perry County, Indiana. She married John Figgins, probably also of Indiana, also born in 1821. Ruth died in 1873.

Isabel had numerous brothers and sisters (write me for names). After the death of her first husband, she married James Jones, in 1888 or 1889, in Indiana; after the death of her second husband, she married Benjamin Franklin Tomas, born in November 1867.

Isabel's daughter, my great-grandmother, Susie Anne Morris (maiden name), was born in 1878 in Perry County, Indiana. She moved to Western Kentucky and in 1908 married William Ambrose Beasley in Daviess County, Kentucky.

No info on Smith yet.

Faucett, Mansfield, Walker, Perrin, Bradshaw

My great-great-great grandmother was Sarah Faucett -- at least that's how we think it was spelled. Family lore says she was born in Dublin, Ireland on January 4, 1834. How she came to the USA, we don't know. She married Charles Henderson Mansfield on March 15, 1849 in the United States (when she was 15). Charles was born in Person (sp?) County, North Carolina on May 16, 1822 and was there in 1850 when they had a US census.

The daughter of Sarah and Charles, my great-great grandmother, was Ada Jane Mansfield). She lived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at one time, but I'm not sure if she was born there (nor the date of her birth). Ada Jane married Elisha (or Elijiah? I don't know) Walker in 1893, becoming Ada Jane Walker. He was known in the family as the "damn yankee" Ada Jane married. He died before their daughter, my great-grandmother, Alma Walker (later Alma Perrin) was born.

Alma Perrin (Alma Walker) married Isaac Townes "Zeke" Plumer Perrin, I think in Kentucky. Zeke's father, my great, great grandfather, was James Perrin of Tennessee. His family knew Sergeant York's family. His mother was Orlean Bradshaw of Tennessee.

Wiggins, Denton, Sheffer, Higginson, Culver, Gibson

Thomas WIGGINS, alive some time in the 1700s in South Carolina. Not sure who he married, but one of his children was Celia, who married Benjamin DENTON, probably also of South Carolina. Celia and Benjamin had Reuben DENTON, my great-great-great-great-great grandfather. Celia and Benjamin's grandchildren somehow ended up in Henderson Kentucky (born there? moved there? don't know yet). Henderson is my hometown. My great, great, great, great grandfather was Samuel Denton. I don't know if he was born in 1775 in North Carolina, or that's when he arrived in North Caroline from wherever. Samuel Denton was married five times. His first wife, with whom he had 10 children, is unknown to me. His second wife, with whom he had no children, was Elizabeth Hull, married in April 1821. Third wife was Temperance Dickerson Upham, married in April 1823. Fourth wife Amanda Durphy, married in December 1830. Fifth wife was Lucy Chambers Taylor or Lucy Ann Burton, married in September 1838. I don't know which of these five women is my great, great, great, great grandmother. But whomever it was, they had a son together, Benjamin Floyd Denton.

My great, great, great grandfather was Benjamin Floyd Denton, born in the 1800s, not sure where, and dieing in March 1915 in Henderson, Kentucky. He was a "shouting Methodist" minister, according to another part of my family who knew him. He married Mary E. Sheffer, I think in December 1855. They had a son, my great, great grandfather, Rufus C. Denton.

Rufus C. Denton married Mae Higginson in August 1883 in Henderson, Kentucky. They had a son, my great grandfather, James Denton.

My great, great grandfather, John Culver, married Mary Frances Gibson, and they had a daughter, my great grandmother, Sibbie Culver, later Sibbie Denton, upon her marriage to my great grandfather, James Denton.

Cravens, Conley, Day

I have the least amount of information on this branch of my family. My great, great grandfather was Sam (maybe Samuel?) Cravens, I believe of Kentucky. Among his children was my great-grandfather, Truman Hamilton Cravens, of Kentucky.

My great, great, great grandmother was Mildred Ana Day -- "Day" was her married name. Theodora "Dora" Day was her daughter, my great, great grandmother, and mother of Truman.

My great, great grandfather was James Conley, who was raised in a Louisville orphanage, and had a brother taken away to work. His wife's name was "Molly", and they were the parents of Ruth Ann Cravens, wife of Truman and my great-grandmother.

You can read more specifically about my grandfather, Jack Cravens, including his service during World War II.


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