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Online Volunteering-related recruitment or matching web sites

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Annex A – Online Volunteering-related recruitment or matching web sites with at least some European involvement
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These web sites list online volunteering assignments that benefit European-based organisations or list assignments for various organisations that are available to online volunteers based in the EU. These web sites recruit online volunteers for other organisations and may not involve online volunteers in the EU themselves. These sites may be online communities where organizations state needs or tasks and any community member responds - and, therefore, they may not use terms like virtual volunteering, online volunteering, microvolunteering, etc.

Initiative name
Country of
or focus
"beTobe offers a matching system between volunteers and non-profit organisations to foster collaborations online. The benevolent contributions are produced via Internet, so the physical presence of the benevolent is not required." in English, French and Spanish. The number of online volunteering opportunities posted on this site, nor the number undertaken successfully by online volunteers, could not be found on the site by the researcher.
Matches communications volunteers with charities. "Volunteers work remotely, but we do encourage face to face meetings, which normally take place once a month. Volunteers spend a maximum of 4 hours per week working on campaigns, but depending on the client and the amount of activity they have, the time spent volunteering usually works out at 2-3 hours per week." The number of online volunteering opportunities posted on this site, nor the number undertaken successfully by online volunteers, could not be found on the site by the researcher.
Operated by FusionCOMP (the Fusion of data-centric COmputations by Machines and People), supported by researchers in computer science, informatics, and application domains.
e-wolontariat translates into “E-volunteering.” In June 2013, had more than 20 distinct online volunteering opportunities on its site with at least a dozen NGOs in Poland.
France Bénévolat
Does not have an option to search opportunities by keyword, but a search of “types de mission” for “Informatique, Internet” or “Communication” can generate volunteering opportunities that can be done online, such as helping with a blog or designing a graphic.
FreeForce, vrijwilligerswerk in Nederland
This site, in Dutch, says, "The processing of all applications made ​​through the member volunteer centers." The site has been in use since 1999. It's a recruitment site for all kinds of volunteers, primarily onsite, traditional volunteers, but the researcher suspects online volunteers are also recruited through this site.
Online databases of volunteering opportunities at a variety of organizations, including online opportunities. A search of "voluntariado virtual" with no other categories specified returned more than 350 opportunities with dozens of organisations.
Not all opportunities listed here are online; opportunities are also not searchable (they are, rather, browsable, by category of cause). The number of online volunteering opportunities posted on this site, nor then number of organisations that have used the service, could not be found on the site by the researcher.
Virtual volunteering:
Matches IT volunteers with charities in the U.K. “If you are interested in working on a virtual opportunity look out for the 'Virtual' flag when searching for an opportunity... There are also opportunities which require only a initial face-to-face meeting. After that you'd be free to work where and when you choose.”
Idealist / Action Without Borders
A search in June 2013 using “volunteer opps” in the type filed, the word “virtual” in the keyword field, and each European country name in the location field yielded some results. By country:
United Kingdom – 3
France – 2
Ireland – 1
ivo (formerly i-volunteer)
Browsing volunteer opportunities,, it is possible to choose “micro”, however, many of these require onsite volunteering; under “skills”, choosing skills that can be applied online, such as “social media” or “communications” does sometimes bring up opportunities that could be done online, as does the keyword search “virtual.”
an online volunteering platform that links Neighbours (online volunteers) with Villages (local communities) in Africa, Asia and Latin America.” Opportunities are listed by village rather than by organisation.
Open Society Foundations
This is not an online volunteering matching service, but it does fund initiatives that often involve online volunteers globally, and the Open Society Foundation sometimes involves these same volunteers themselves as bloggers for their site, such as with this article regarding how an online volunteer in England created a new online outreach strategy for an NGO in Africa and this article by an online volunteer in England with a drug policy initiative. Other online volunteering activities can be found by searching for volunteer on the site and reading the resulting articles.
"for people who have a specific professional skill to share; for instance a graphic designer who could design a logo for a charity campaign, a PR person who would give a press release for a local sports club the ‘once-over’, a surveyor who could give some initial general advice on alterations to a community building. However, it is also for more general skills such as typing, proof reading, creative crafts, gardening and even knitting."
TechSoup Global network
Based in USA, with affiliated
NGOs in various European countries,
e.g. Fundacja TechSoup (Poland), SOCIALware, (Belgium), TechSoup Bulgaria, Asociatia TechSoup (Romania), and Croatia, Česká Republika, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK
Some national affiliates of TechSoup create opportunities for IT professionals to donate advice and expertise online to NGOs, charities, nonprofits, libraries and others in need of such, and this can include online service. For instance, via the TechSoup online forum (, online volunteers can answer tech-related questions from nonprofits, libraries and others. TechSoup's Donate Your Brain initiative ( is this forum supported branded as microvolunteering.
United Nations Online Volunteering Service
This service is managed by UNV, a division of UNDP. A search in June 2013 found more than 200 online volunteering opportunities.
Volunteer Ireland
A search in June 2013 using the keyword “virtual” found 11 online volunteering opportunities with nine different charities.
Volunteer Scotland
Doesn't mandate that a potential volunteer type in a location in order to search, so a search using the word “online” (rather than “virtual”) can generate a list of online volunteering opportunities for charities throughout Scotland, such as an an online campaigner, an online researcher, or an online mentor. However, a search of “online” also generates volunteering opportunities that are require entirely onsite service.
Spain (Catalunya) is the network of volunteer associations in Catalonia and launched in 2003. is a project promoted by the Ministry of Social Welfare and Family of the Government of Catalonia. As of July 7, there were 19 online volunteering opportunities posted on the site, available for more than 200 online volunteers (some opportunities could be done by more than one volunteer)
Allows NGOs to recruit volunteers from the fields of media and communication. Offers photography, video, design, writing, social media, and public relations projects for “first time young creative people to engage in social projects while gaining valuable practical experience.”
die erste Web-Applikation für das Online- und Micro-Volunteering im deutschsprachigen Europa (the first web application for online and micro-volunteering in German-speaking Europe). This is a new orgnaisation; as of July, had just four initiatives seeking online volunteers for various assignments.
Also see this list of more than 50 organisations that involve online volunteers in the EU

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