Harry Potter!!
June 22, 2007

The other night, Hoosier Lis of Bonn (as opposed to Hoosier Liz of Sinzig) sent me an SMS, telling me that she's re-reading the last Harry Potter book in order to get ready for the next, and last, one. And I pout. I pout and pout. Because I will be in Kabul when the book is released. How will I get the book in Kabul on the day it's released? Yes, I leave for Germany for good around Aug. 20 -- just wait four weeks. But I know, I KNOW, that someone will spoil the book for me if I don't read it immediately. That I'll be reading Yahoo News and see a headline "Harry Potter fans mourn Hagrid."

If you know me, you know I hate, loathe and despise spoilers. I hate them with a passion. They are my number 2 pet peeve, number one being people who talk in the cinema.

While in Delhi, I passed a bookstore that proudly proclaimed it will be selling the latest Harry Potter book on June 21. And I think, gee, maybe I could come back to Delhi then... yes, that's how much I want to have it in my hands the first day it's out.

Yesterday, while sitting in the van as some fello employees got out of the van at Assa 2, and I saw a guy going into Assa 2 carrying a parcel, and on the outside was an ad for the next Harry Potter book. Oh life, I silently cried, why must you mock me so?

This morning, I posted to kabulguide.net: a pathetic plea for anyone who would be in Delhi or Europe on June 23 and coming back to Kabul to bring me a copy of the book.

Later today, while having burgers at Kabul Coffee House with Graham, a friend I met through www.aidworkers.net, that same guy walked in with that same parcel. He and Graham speak. I ask him what the ad says. And from the parcel, he hands me a flyer -- TO ORDER THE LATEST HARRY POTTER BOOK AND HAVE IT DELIVERED IN KABUL!!!!!! AND NOT PAY SHIPPING!!!

Well, I had to contain myself from jumping up on the table and dancing.

My order is placed. My heart is content...

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