My Dream for Afghanistan someday...
July 7, 2007

A recent traveler to Jordan's urban areas could not fail to be struck by an unusual sight: billboards along the road, placards in bus shelters, ads in newspapers and even a documentary on television, all featuring Jordanian women at work. One woman is shown selling bottles of freshly-pressed olive oil; another is sewing stacks of garments for sale. A third is styling the hair of a customer in her beauty salon. These traditionally-dressed Jordanian women are clients of Microfund for Women, Jordan's largest microfinance institution, whose new ad campaign - designed by the international advertising agency Saatchi and Saatch - proclaims: "Microfund for Women: Empowering Every Ambitious Woman." Microfund for Women, a Women's World Banking Associate since 2003, was founded in 1996. Today, the organization serves more clients than any other microfinance institution (MFI) in Jordan or the immediate region. Even with the bold media savvy of its recent branding campaign, Microfund for Women maintains its original commitment to the very poorest women in Jordanian society by offering carefully targeted, gender-sensitive financial services.

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