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From 1988 through 1998, I took camping, hiking and road trips in various parts of the USA I always wrote about them, but at first, just for myself, for when I was old and wanted to remember my exciting young life... When I got Internet access in the early 1990s, I started sending them to friends. But I didn't post my travelogues to the Web until I moved to Germany.

Those European stories have generated a lot of positive feedback from people, particularly people who want to travel abroad but have found a thousand reasons not to. So I dug up some of my old U.S. road trip stories that I had sent via email, and have posted them here.

I hope it will inspire others, particularly women in the US, to travel and see their country, and even go outside the borders of the country. I realize that the stuff from the 1990s is very dated, but I hope still worth reading. At the very least, you will get some decent leads on where to camp.


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Asia, Africa, Australia, Central & South America

Havana, Cuba, February 2016

Mexico City & Puebla, Mexico, July 2011

Austrialia, March 2010 (photos only)

Afghanistan, March - August 2007

Jordan, Brought to You By Pepsi, January 2006

Jayne returns to Egypt, April 2003

My first trip to Egypt, May 30 - June 3, 2002

  North American Road Trips

Mostly Idaho, September 2016: 32825 miles/4520 km, mostly in Idaho, some in Eastern Oregon, and a little bit in Montana and Washington. Included at least 120 miles of gravel. Hells Canyon, Silver City, Idaho, Bruneau Dunes State Park, City of Rocks National Reserve, Sawtooth Scenic Byway, Salmon River Scenic Byway, Historic Custer, Idaho, Ft. Missoula, Montana, historic Wallace, Idaho, Lake Coeur d'Alene, White Pine Scenic Byway, Hell's Canyon Overlook, Oregon, Joseph, Painted Hills, and Little Crater Lake in Mt. Hood National Forest.

16 days from Oregon to Hyder, Alaska, the Yukon & the Alaska Highway, through British Columbia, 3700 miles / 5954 kilometres, August & September 2015

Two-Weeks, Mostly in Utah, Nevada & Oregon, 2989 miles / 4810.329 kilometres, June 2014

Motorcycle Journey in Northern California, Nevada & Southeastern Oregon, 2446 miles / 3914 km, September 2012

SoundRider! Rally in the Gorge in Washington & Oregon (the Columbia Gorge), August 2012

Gifford Pinchot National Forest / Southern Washington State: Motorcycle Quest for Gravel, July 2012

Motorcycle Journey in Northern California, Nevada & Southeastern Oregon, September 2012

Motorcycle Trip through Idaho, Montana, Yellowstone (Wyoming) & Eastern Oregon, June 2011

Motorcycle trip through Jasper, Banff, Kooteney & Glacier National Park September 2010

Recommendations for your trip to San Francisco -- and beyond!

Road trip from Kentucky to Oregon, August 2009

Trippy Texas: My First Camping Trip in West Texas, 1997

Ms Cravens Goes to Washington, December 1996

Journey to Start Over in Austin, Texas, October 1996

A road trip from California to the Carolinas and back again, May 1996

Also see my essays from living and traveling in Germany, Feb. 2001 - April 2009


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