If there are respondents who never received an online assignment, please detail the factors that has/have kept this from happening: (the e-mail address of the respondent no longer worked, you weren't sure what the next step should be, you have not had time to send the potential volunteer more information, etc.)



  3. They either never responded (despite multiple appeals), or decided not to volunteer with us. I'm confused why so many people sign up to volunteer, and then decide they don't have the time.

  4. One volunteer was from California and not interested. The remaining never responded again.

  5. We were looking for volunteers who could work at our site, or if they wanted to work on the web they needed to be willing to do so, many people lost interest when they realized they lived far away from us (why they offered to volunteer in the first place beats me if they didn't want to do web based stuff)

  6. Lack of human contact with the org creates a gap between volunteers and the org as a whole.

  7. There are a few reasons for no assignments: One posiiton is not ready technically so we're keeping people in the loop. 3-4 emails were no longer working; some have not completed the required apps or responded again

  8. Occasionally e-mail reply rejected because e-mail address of respondent incorrect.

  9. Some of the addresses are refused or undeliverable. We seem to have problems with those ending in .edu and also with AOL addresses and those from the free email services such as yahoo, juno, etc.

  10. Some just don't have the flexibility or the dedication.

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