For those online volunteers who found you via VolunteerMatch, ServeNet or Action Without Borders, AND are currently working on an online assignment for you OR have completed an online assignment for you, what was the nature of the assignment(s) performed or currently being performed?


  2. most volunteers are still currently volunteering, writers, researchers, web designers, translators, Editors, Pen Pals.

  3. They are doing online research to find campus environmental groups and their contact information for our online database.

  4. working on a database of buisnesses in NJ. The dbase will be used for projects that need funding.

  5. NONE completed, TWO or three asking to help redesign our web site.

  6. Developing Websites for Nonprofits or serving as a liaison on a project where websites where created.

  7. Resource reasearcher. Need infor on funding and program growth opps inclduing resaearch on zoning , state of the art programs, grant opps, charity events etc.

  8. Most popular volunteer job postings were Pet Therapy, Infants and Toddlers and Desk top publishing.

  9. Primarily writing and research. A few are working on organizing solutions teams.

  10. No info. available.

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