How did you screen/ orient the volunteers you involve(d) via the Internet? (how do you evaluate their skills, do you do reference checks, how do you tell them more about your organization and what its like to volunteer with your agency, etc.)

  1. connected to an institute?, asking questions they have to answer, etcetera


  3. We'll take anyone! We send them a first email telling them about our organization, why we need them, how they'll be helping the world by volunteering, and what exactly we want them to do. Presumably, if they found and used VolunteerMatch, then they can conduct online research.

  4. We screen volunteers either thorugh a phone conversation or via e-mail conversation. We give them complete information regarding the volunteer position, and either send them Tree Foundation materials or ask them to visit our web site.

  5. We have gotten one person to show up at a meeting we held and she never came back.

  6. They automatically receive an email giving them details. Also we hold volunteer orientations to allow them to become acquainted with the org and its people.

  7. We use similar processes to the in person situation. Not lenghty, but attempting to establish a relaitonship first. we do ask why they're interested and also waht kinds of backgraound. One positon is very administrative so client vulnerability isn't an issue. The other will be set upo with online supervision. My goal would be to craete a chat room for these and other inperson volunteers to deliver training that way and keep them together with a bi-weekly bulletin. Our etchnology just isn;t teher yet!

  8. Don't screen. Agencies do screening and reference checks.

  9. We do very little screening, relying almost entirely on input from them. The guidelines we send tell them a lot about the specific assignment and we re-enforce the mission: going slightly beyond what appeared with our VolunteerMatch listing. Simple Solutions also provides addditional information on a continuing basis. In addition, we have an email support list (catalyst) for those who have committed to a volunteer assignment.

  10. They are all interviewed in person.

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