How do you / did you supervise and recognize / reward online volunteers for their contributions?

  1. Posing questions about: history, interests, schooling, labour experience, (e.g. especially when they are able to speak Dutch (Hungary).

  2. We send out awards once a month to the online volunteer of the month.

  3. We have a volunteer coordinator (who is a volunteer) that comes in once a week to follow up with everyone. We don't as yet have rewards...good idea!

  4. We e-mail them occassionally to see if they need further instructions. No project has yet been completed, thus no reward.

  5. not sure if we have any to reward at this point.

  6. Through our e-newsletter which comes out quarterly. Also, they send out messages through our message boards about the progress of their projects.

  7. Recognition would be done through the online community- see above and promotion in the VISIONS newsletter- which can be mailed anywhere:)

  8. Agencies do this.

  9. Don't know that we'll every do any supervision beyond regular follow-up and guidance through catalyst. As of now, our reward system is only the satisfaction from participating in the mission. We're thinking about other types of reward(s).

  10. The volunteers who've asked to be only involved via the internet have not panned out.

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