What factors in your organization have promoted the success of involving volunteers virtually? (having written task descriptions, having a volunteer manager, getting staff buy-in, etc.)

  1. I do not really know: there are several possibilities and it is difficult to mention them all. (standard). Maybe it will be possible to give more freely information (not standard),.


  3. volunteer manager, written task descriptions

  4. I have no idea.

  5. None, not working well for us so far.

  6. The fact that our whole org runs on e-everything. To minimize overhead, we communicate mostly over email once the volunteers are oriented with the org which helps in motivating them to serve others.

  7. I am the factor that is beginning success with on-line volunteers. Many of our staff underestimate the possibilities of the Internet as a tool to assist with tehir work and in fulfillment of our mission.

  8. Posting jobs on www.volunteermatch.org.

  9. Have no meaningful answer to this question - yet.


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