What factors in your organization have impeded the success of your virtual volunteering program? (staff reluctance to work with "unseen" volunteers, lack of pre-planning, etc.)

  1. I think a innovative manner in working with youth??


  3. lack of understanding as to how VolunteerMatch works. For example, many of the people that "volunteer" with us have never heard of us before. So, how are we getting the email from VolunteerMatch? They must be sending a mass email to all "environmental groups" I guess, so we learned to include information about our organization first.

  4. None.

  5. No followup from volunteers, hard to make contact with them.

  6. Too much time between the moment they sign up and the time a volunteer orientation is held. This causes them to lose interest. To correct this, we will be holding more frequent orientations to keep in touch with new volunteers.

  7. I have little technological skills- I have imagination and can see what can happen- but sometimes we're not there as an agency yet. Any leads for grants or online technical resources for this kind of help??!!??

  8. None

  9. Limited staff and lack of timely follow-up. We're trying to get volunteers to help improve our volunteer system.


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