Position and Role in Working with Volunteers

Position Role in Working with Volunteers

1. Executive Director I co-ordinate volunteers, train where necessary and act as advisor, consultant, etc.

2. Executive Director we don't have many volunteers working for our organization currently. There is usually one intern working directly under the e.d. for a semester's time. This is the extent of volunteer involvement, other than board involvement.

3. secretary coordinator

4. Board of Directors Acting as Director of Communications--responsible for all communications, correspondence, newsletter, website, media relations, PR

5. Program Director I coordinate a volunteer referral program and solicit volunteers for special projects.

6. Executive Director I recruit, train and manage them

7. CEO Marketing and working with some directly that are involved in special proejcts.

8. Director Recruitment, Supervision, Evaluation, Recognition

9. Program Manager I work with our partner organizations, identifying and publicizing their volunteer needs. And I work with volunteers who wish to become linked to organizations who can involve them in meaningful ways.

10. Development Associate recruiting, training and supervising

11. President Since I seat at the president's chair as well as take the garbage out, I also deal with all volunteering work.

12. Sec/treas - webmaster I do all the scheduling for the internet chat room, some for our local activities.

13. Executive Director Support and Encouragement

14. President I'm the CEO at Foodshare, but since we have over 1,000 volunteers and only 20 staff, all staff here work with volunteers. My role is primarily with education and outreach and Board of Directors support.

15. President Supervisor

16. Volunteer Coordinator I am responsible for recruiting, screening, and training volunteers. I supply volunteers for special event and I do our formal recognition event.

17. No Response No Response

18. Communications Coordinator

19. Volunteer Coordinator I supervise all volunteers working for the ASPCA. This includes recruiting, orientations, arranging for training of new volunteers, keeping track of data, etc., and all other aspects of Volunteer administration.

20. Program Coordinator Running everything about the SF program - presentations to kids, volunteer projects, funding, etc.

21. Community Support Coordinator Coordinator of ACCESS departmental volunteers.

22. Chapter coordinator


23. Executive Director I am the volunteer coordinator.... I train and manage all the volunteers.

24. Volunteer Program Manager

I recruit volunteers agency wide.
25. Founder / ED

I do it all
26. founder

i leadour volunteer board in setting direction and priorities. i motivate our volunteers. and i personally sort all the toiletries we collect, often getting help from other volunteers

27. General Manager


29. Director

I am the volunteer coordinator, among other titles.
30. Shelter operator Interview and training.

31. Director I coordinate and recruit volunteers

32. Executive Director

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