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June 1, 1998

Concentric Media
Organization Name
Concentric Media
Organization City
San Mateo and Portland
CA and Oregon
Organization's Geographic Service Area
50 states + international
Number of full-time and part-time employees (paid staff)
Respondent's Name
Julie Mikalson
Respondent's Position
Broadcast Outreach Coordinator
Organization's Web Site Address
Respondent's Role in Working with Volunteers at Organization
I recruit & work with online volunteers in all 50 states.
How did you hear about this Project?
no response
What other staff have involved volunteers virtually at your organization?
Executive Director. Leadership level volunteers (mostly local affiliates of national endorsing groups) also recruit others.
Approximately how many of your online volunteers provide technical assistance to your staff or to other volunteers?
Please describe the kinds of activities these technical assistance volunteers provide to your organization:
Web Page Design - 2
national organization networking
PBS Programmer Expertise
Approximately how many of your volunteers provide direct support to clients / recipients of service via the Internet?
Please describe the kinds of volunteer activities these direct contact volunteers provide to your organization:
Calls/letters e-mails to PBS Programmers
Local Sponsors for Cable Access TV time
Outreach for finding more volunteers
Hosting local film screenings or campus events
Doing local Publicity for broadcasts or screenings
Sending updates Alerts, Requests for help
How did you recruit the volunteers you involve(d) via the Internet?
Women Leaders On-line personal intorduction, then project introduction
Formal WLO staff/founder appeal to the 5,000 listServe
Calls/emails to individuals & Women's organizations around the nation found on the Web
How did you screen/orient the volunteers you involve(d) via the Internet?
issue-based affinity groups (Pro-Choice/feminists only) Orientation: sent several pages form our 22 page resource guide to first 150 respondents. Mailed over 160 Guides to Planned Parenthood Affiliates also. (Along with endorsement from the national, and our films helping them greatly, the gift of the Guide means a big welcome when we call later for help!) Website, includes Resources Guide, clips, endorsements, awards, links etc.
How do you supervise and recognize/reward online volunteers for their contributions?
E-mail thanks notes, but from me & the filmmaker. Some are featured as Success Examples in e-mail newsletter. Supervision includes: E-mail/fax/phone call follow-up.
Have you ever surveyed these online volunteers about their experiences with your organization?
Not formally. We do lots of check-ins, and follow-up on self-motivated responses. We DID do a survey of PBS Programmers, and got more response from that than from phone messages, e-mails, fax announcements, or letters.
What factors in your organization have promoted the success of your virtual volunteering program?
Fantastic Exec Dir who loves to call people herself!
Foundation funding for Outreach.
Support of WLO leaders.
Ideological match with targets.
What factors in your organization have impeded the success of your virtual volunteering program?
Volunteers are VERY busy people
PBS sites are VERY slow or fail to respond to viewer inquiries.
some staff burnout after major project launch.
IMO, Consultant hire policy, rather than staff employees...this has allowed too much flexibility in hours worked.
Please add any other comments you would like to send to us:
Would live to be listed as a Collaboration site! Web-based outreach to compatible volunteers would be the job, and a person can choose another country or cunture in which to specialize! Latina's especially valued now, to prepare for a September film release.

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