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August 31, 1998

Chebucto Community Net
Organization Name
Chebucto Community Net
Organization City
Nova Scotia
Organization's Geographic Service Area
Nova Scotia and other parts of Canada depending on the kind of service
Number of full-time and part-time employees (paid staff)
Not sure, but it is mainly maintained by volunteers
Respondent's Name
Ashwin Kutty
Respondent's Position
IP editor
Organization's Web Site Address
Respondent's Role in Working with Volunteers at Organization
At the present moment, in a coordinated effort with other volunteers we are in the process of creating an online game which will be posted during the upcoming Science and Technology week for the awareness of different ip's on ccn.. as well on a regular basis interaction with other volunteers is required since things have to be decided as to the best recourse or action to be taken in terms of increasing awareness as well as creating and maintaing ip web pages, etc..
How did you hear about this Project?
Recently Jayne Cravens sent a request to CCN about their Volunteering Activities and I decided to look the site up that was mentioned in that mail..
What other staff have involved volunteers virtually at your organization?
Volunteers in CCN start from basic administrative work in the office to, helping with questions that are sent to the help desk to maintaining the network as a whole.. so there are a variety of positions (titles and roles) right from the bottom up..
Approximately how many of your online volunteers provide technical assistance to your staff or to other volunteers?
not sure but there are lots..
Please describe the kinds of activities these technical assistance volunteers provide to your organization:
as I mentioned before.. there are ip editors, to people who maintain upgrades, to people who literraly take care of the system as whole..
Approximately how many of your volunteers provide direct support to clients / recipients of service via the Internet?
for this too there are lots..
Please describe the kinds of volunteer activities these direct contact volunteers provide to your organization:
there are computer labs in libraries where the working of CCN is taught to kids, adults etc.. as well as instructions provided to clients using the CCN for a web page of their own etc..
How did you recruit the volunteers you involve(d) via the Internet?
I have not yet 'recruited' any volunteers as I tend to be in the lower end of the whole chain..
How did you screen/orient the volunteers you involve(d) via the Internet?
no response
How do you supervise and recognize/reward online volunteers for their contributions?
no response
Have you ever surveyed these online volunteers about their experiences with your organization?
no response
What factors in your organization have promoted the success of your virtual volunteering program?
There are lots of tie-ins between the volunteers from different sections of the network, this keeps people aware of all the happenings of the Network, not necessarily being involved in all of them but lending a hand whenever necessary..
What factors in your organization have impeded the success of your virtual volunteering program?
There was and probably still is a little bit of seperation between the volunteers and the ip's (editors etc.) and this tends to be a bit of a disadvantage but everything is being tied in now and it seems to be doing fine and getting better..
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no response

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