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April 16, 1999

YouthOrg UK
Organization Name
YouthOrg UK
Organization City
Organization's Geographic Service Area
Number of full-time and part-time employees (paid staff)
Respondent's Name
Mark Harding
Respondent's Position
Founder and Webmaster
Organization's Web Site Address
Respondent's Role in Working with Volunteers at Organization
Volunteers support young people and youth workers work on the internet for educational purposes. They produce the content of the site and help grow and develop the virtual community.
How did you hear about this Project?
What other staff have involved volunteers virtually at your organization?
Only the volunteers
Approximately how many of your online volunteers provide technical assistance to your staff or to other volunteers?
Please describe the kinds of activities these technical assistance volunteers provide to your organization:
Maintain Bulletin Boards
Answer technical enquires
Design graphics
Approximately how many of your volunteers provide direct support to clients / recipients of service via the Internet?
Please describe the kinds of volunteer activities these direct contact volunteers provide to your organization:
The community helps each other so for example a volunteer will normally be a member of the community and may write an article or contact another member to help them. Peer to peer education is probably the best way to describe this relationship between the volunteers who are normally members of the organization.
How did you recruit the volunteers you involve(d) via the Internet?
Email and the website. Also press articles.
How did you screen/orient the volunteers you involve(d) via the Internet?
Interview by email and phone. I make suggestion on what part of the website or newsletter they wish to do. What they wish to do is up to them as long as it falls within the aims of the organization.
How do you supervise and recognize/reward online volunteers for their contributions?
Through public acknowledgement on the web site and in the newsletter. Through personal thanks.
Have you ever surveyed these online volunteers about their experiences with your organization?
What factors in your organization have promoted the success of your virtual volunteering program?
Praising volunteers. Ensuring their volunteering work is seen by other potential volunteers. Ensuring the content of the web site is written in a level the youth workers and young people can relate to.
What factors in your organization have impeded the success of your virtual volunteering program?
Members use their skills in their own organizations as many of these are voluntary organizations.
Fear they need to be an Internet genius to contribute.
Volunteers giving inaccurate email addresses so making it difficult to contact them.
Please add any other comments you would like to send to us:
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