What did you dislike about volunteering via the Internet?

1	No answer.

2 All the time spent on the phone. Trying to get new users to read their e-mail.

3 No answer.

4 I really can't think of anything at all that I didn't like about it. 5 I do volunteer for far-away organizations, so I do miss metting face-to-face with the people I'm doing the work for. Occasional phone calls are nice.

6 Nothing really. Not seeing faces. Can't hug someone when the project went well. Can't see a smile. But mostly it's terrific.

7 I miss contact with my colleagues and peers.

8 Well, there were some occasionall technical barriers : slow connections, machines going down, etc.

9 No feedback on how the job was done; a little lonely.

10 I miss the face-to-face contact, those human-interactions that spur inspiration to volunteer.

11 Nothing to dislike, other than not publicity on how to do it. Oh, there's the writer coming out...I see an article blooming! Guess that's why I decided to center on Volunteering for this next month's column.

12 I don't really get to meet people. 13 Not enough areas to choose from. 14 Nothing except - everyone is not on yet! 15 No answer.

16 I feel I have made a good friend in the associations's executive administrator, but it would be neat to be able to meet in person. I cannot afford to attend the annual meetings (to travel).

17 No answer.

18 I haven't been doing volunteer work long enough.

19 Nothing.

20 Lack of contact. I am a people person.

21 The only down side is that it is time consuming. To start with it was hard to balance my responsibilities as a parent and a volunteer. I'm getting better with it though.

22 Nothing. 23 D.K. 24 How slow the Internet is.

25 Sometimes missed meeting people I was helping. I try to arrange lunch to keep up with what is going on and the general gossip.

26 The feeling of isolation that sometimes occurs. 27 Nothing really. 28 Nothing.

29 The APH Volunteers Assoc. is very small and has very limited resources. Keeping up with the status of the onsite volunteers projects is sometimes difficult without over burdening the one or two staff members who are providing the entire leadership to get the organization's expansion off the ground.

30 Nothing. 31 Nothing. 32 Nothing. 33 No answer.

34 Spam, spam, spam, spam, and spam. Oh, and did I forget to mention spam?

35 Lack of fellow workers with any technical skills to help me out if I got stuck with a technical problem.

36 Answering especially stupid questions in forms.

37 Nothing except it would be helpful if I could figure out a way to get paid. As my business gets busier, I have less and less time to "have fun."

38 No answer.

39 Nothing. But then I also volunteer in person.

40 At first I was the only rep for the organization involved on a day to day basis with the site. This was partly my fault as I assured BCANS that is was a self-running site. Over time though, and as our site got more and more popular, there was a need for a member to be visible on the site. This summer, I got my wish and one of the survivors from the group now participates publicly on the site.

41 nothing so far.

42 The first porno site I contacted was very vulgar. Sent horrible emails to me. I actually was so stress that I got shingles in my central nervous system known as Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. But now that I am recovering I am back at it. I have removed three prono sites since then.(the original one is gone now too)

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