How did you hear about this Project? (how and why did you find our Web 
site? if you were using a search engine, which one and what keywords were 
you using?)

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11 I learned of your organization when I did a search in government documents on "volunteering" at the web site address. Glad your here.

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29 Searching for information about virtual volunteering and for sites to post volunteer opportunities. Don't remember the keywords or search engine.

30 Dogpile - keyword - nonprofit

31 I found you through a search engine, but you are so many sites down the line that I can't remember which one.

32 Email from Michelle Longosz

33 I was on-line, on the NY Times website. I can't remember how I found this, except there must have been a reference to it.

34 Email from you to the community net

35 Searching the web using, keyword "volunteer" (as best as I can remember) ... my job will be ending mid-November and I am debating whether to look for another paid job or whether to look for unpaid activities. (Do you read the Farley cartoon in the SF Chronicle? The 9/13 (Sunday cartoon) had a man standing on the street corner with a sign, "Financially secure. Bored. Will work for free.")

36 Independent Charities website.

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