Where is this/are these organizations located? (city, state and country)

1	Lakeville, MN - USA
2	Atlanta, GA, US
3	Pittsburgh, PA USA
4	New York, NY USA
5	Silver Spring, MD;Paris, KY; Ridgecrest, California

6 Huh? They are through persons, not organizations. Organizations set up to assist in the forced assimilation do not generally get funding to help train Americans partially because a basic tenet of our culture is that we already know this or that (not an openness to new ways of accomplishing same tasks.) It made us a nation. But now it tears us apart.

7 In a different U.S. state than where I live. 8 Minneapolis, MN, USA. 9 NYC, NY USA. 10 Austin, Texas and Kentucky. 11 Knoxville, TN, USA. 12 CA. 13 Granite Falls, WA USA and Lake Stevens, WA USA. 14 New Mexico. 15 Lawrence and Andover MA. 16 In another state. 17 No answer. 18 Philadelphia, PA, US. 19 Los Angeles, CA USA. 20 Stanford,CA; Lansmuseet Vasternorrland, Sweden; Chapel Hill, NC; RTP, NC. 21 North Carolina/USA. 22 Cleaning products - Ohio; networkers - California; environmental consultants - Denver, Colorado. 23 Globally. 24 Various US. 25 Cortland NY. 26 Louisville, Kentucky USA.

27 Located online. Is e-mail discussion group on Cruetzfeldt-Jakob Disease. Most members lost loved ones to CJD. Organization has webpage.

28 San Francisco, CA, USA. 29 Prescott, Arizona, US. 30 University of Texas at Austin , USA. 31 West Palm Beach, FL. 32 Salinas, California and Monterey, California. 33 Washington, DC. 34 Nova Scotia, Canada. 35 Menlo Park, CA, USA; Greensburg, PA, USA. 36 Rochester Ny. 37 Maine 38 ottery.chennai tamilnadu india. 39 Physical address: San Antonio, Texas, U.S.Virtual address: Austin, Texas, U.S. 40 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 41 Red Bank, NJ and other parts of NJ 42 Did not answer.  
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