Why did you want to volunteer? (in general; 
what is your compelling reason to volunteer, 
however you do so).

1	I figure it is a way I can share some of my 
	abilities and interests with others.

2 As a volunteer I can break down barriers and sidestep the politics. As an employee or consultant I would not be nearly as effective.

3 No answer.

4 I volunteered for the big buddy program because I really believe that children are undervalued in American society. It's one thing to say "I care about the future of our children" and quite another to get involved. I saw an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. As far as personal gain, I did receive credit from the school at the end of each semester based on attendance, journals we kept, projects we completed with the children and a few other factors.

5 Believe in the need for equine rescue, abuse prevention, etc.

6 My disAbility makes me aware of my finiteness. When I faced death a few years ago I determined that literacy was going to be my next undertaking. If I die, and kids can read (when they could not previously), then my life is worth it. It's also beliefs. I have a personal faith spiritually. I feel that the creator (center of my beliefs) would not have given me a brain, if I were not expected to use it. Sort of an accountablity thing. I also tend to be good at some things which others find either mind boggling, or a hassle. I like figuring out things. These things are easy for me. I love research (and writing) and this plays into it as well. All those little boring facts play out well into life. They help with advocacy. They help to explain lots of life's little conflicts, which we all face, ponder, and often can't quite grasp. It's not boring. It's fun. It's creative. You never know what's coming next! I studied Hmong because I have an injury to my left temporal lobe. Many times I have aphasia and cannot speak. I know how it is to have no voice. I challenged myself. Now I speak some, and read more.

7 When I had to quit working because of a chronic illnes, I felt like I wasn't contributing anything. Volunteering allowed me to do so.

8 Just typically feels good to be helpfull & usefull, plus there are often interesting things to do that you don't get to do otherwise.

9 Sense of service; avoid complications involved with money; find community.

10 I feel a fundamental obligation to serve my community.

11 You can never thank a parent or teacher. All you can do is pass it on. I am grateful my parents and teachers gave me so much to pass on. In addition, I believe ignorance is our greatest social disease.

12 I wanted to help and contribute the society, also i wanted to volunteer so i could put it on my college transcript.

13 My Mom always did. We were brought up with the idea that it's a good thing to do. I love to write...and do it for free just to be able to write. I like helping out whenever I can. Also, the highschool requires it of the kids and so my son and I volunteer together.

14 Volunteering is a personally rewarding for many reasons - not only from helping others, but it's a great way to get to know your community and meet other people.

15 I like to help others, and it gives me a good feeling of accomplishment, and pleasure to help others.

16 It is what is needed, I enjoy it, and the youth are our future.

17 My compelling reason is I have been frustrated due to my disability, and if I was any more disabled, I could not deal with bureaucrats, so I help others who are more disabled get benefits or information.

18 I want to be of service doing things I like, working with food and writing.

19 I've worked for nonprofits in Minnesota: Catholic Charities of the Twin Cities, Goodwill and Easter Seal of Minnesota. I know how hard--and how important--volunteering is to the overall health of a nonprofit.

20 I am not certain ( you ask difficult questions) I don't make a lot of money-- I've never been motivated by it. But I have a limited number of dollars to give. I find that my time, which I don't value too highly, is easy to give and quite often, in computer support, I can give a little time and save an organization a lot of both time and money.

21 The first reason was to help others. The second was to feel like I was whole again. We live in a very rural area that makes the disabled feel cut off from the world. I feel that I have learned as much from those I've helped as they have learned from me.

22 It started out as something to spend my time while awaiting disability for an injury. It continues because I like it. Now I want to open a halfway house for women in Denver to meet a need that is currently not being addressed.

23 It's an opportunity for me to meet people and do something out of my normal routine. Growing up I did a lot of volunteer and service work and I really enjoy it.

24 I am working on changing careers and have time to explore. This give me a great opportunity.

25 To improve the lives of people in my community and because it provides a purpose for my time. Also because I enjoy typesetting and design and I am happy to be able to do this as a volunteer. It is also a way to repay the help I receive.

26 To help out and gain experience.

27 Got very upset when heard about common childhood vaccines, such as measles-mumps-rubella, contained human albumin. Then found out many lots of human albumin withdrawn by the manufacturer because of possible CJD risk. At this point it is not known if CJD is spread through blood. Got very upset and felt public awareness about the disease will help in the treatment victims and their families get and hopefully will increase pressure for more research funding so treatments and a cure can be found.

28 No answer.

29 To use skills and technology to help a community or organization better serve people in need.

30 Community Service.

31 To help.

32 To give something back to the community, to share the wealth, to do good works, etc.

33 I wanted to be involved in something that was not work related and that would help people. After my second parent died, I wanted to help others dealing with grief (as we so often live away from family and old friends).

34 I am on a disability pension I never wanted that effectively says that anything I may do to make myself employable again will lead to my only income being cut off before I can become self-sufficient. Only within the last few years were the rules changed to allow volunteer work without my income being in jeopardy.

35 These cases were both matters of providing Support to relatives who had taken on volunteer activities of their own. I am interested in expanding my volunteer activities, particularly if I retire.

36 No answer.

37 To get people involved in the decisions affecting our quality of life.

38 unknown

39 I spent a dozen years working as a volunteer and professional in rape crisis and family violence agencies. To me this is another way to prevent violence.

40 At first it was simple - I had a skill and a desire to help Emmie (my co-worker) and thought it would be a great experience for me. Over time though, as the site grew (along with my knowledge of the issues surrouding breast cancer)there was an increased feeling of personal satisfaction. I put a lot in, but I get a LOT back.. :)

41 I like helping people. Giving is where it's at.

42 I enjoy helping the people I come across online. I have software that was given to me as a gift, I could never have afforded it. So I think it is only fair to share it with those who need help. I am most interested in getting porno sites removed "name harvesting" which is using an actors name without permission to draw people to the sites.

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