Eastern Europe Trip
September 2008

In September 2008, we traveled by motorcycle to Eastern Europe for four weeks. Traveling from Germany, we visited, in this order: Highlights and biggest discoveries of the trip: The downsides: This is my experience in Eastern Europe, in September 2008. It will not necessarily be yours. These are personal blogs full of opinions -- these are not a series of newspaper articles. I make no claims to being accurate nor impartial. But I hope I come from a place of honesty and sincerity.

Lonely Planet Eastern Europe was fantastic for recommending things to see and essential in many other ways for this trip, but NOT for places to stay, particularly hotels; few options are provided, and if you can find them (there are no directions), they will already be fully booked.

The menu guides in the Lonely Planet Eastern Europe Phrasebook proved largely unhelpful; what the book has listed as common dishes for a country seem to be foreign to any local we showed such to; usually, no one ever had any of the dishes profiled in the book. If you are going to work in any Eastern European country, it's a handy book to have, but you don't need it for just passing through.

For food orders, what proved most helpful was Stefan's Langenscheidt OhneWörterBuch. 500 Zeigebilder für Weltenbummler (without words book), published by Langenscheidt. It's a small book of icons to help you order in a restaurant, get the right room at a hotel, say you want to ride a camel, whatever. It not only helped with ordering food, waiters found it really funny. Sadly, it's not available in the USA. You can try Point it: Traveller's Language Kit - The Original Picture Dictionary, a no-words book available in the USA.

Pictures of the adventure: from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, and from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia. Here's the full travelogue for our Eastern Europe trip.


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Also see: For Women Who Travel By Motorcycle (or want to). Includes information on packing and accommodations.

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