Why do you want to volunteer with this Project?

  2. Because I like to volunteer and help people, but its easier to do it online...

  3. My husband was dis-abled in an accident 2 yrs. ago and ten months after the accident he was diagnosed with brain cancer then lung cancer and now (maybe)bone cancer.As rough as the last 2 yrs have been I'm sure there's someone out there that's had it rougher than us and I would like to give back.

  4. I want to help the community in some way a convenient way because of my tight schedule.

  5. I would like to utilize my interests and skills by assisting in the volunteer community. I believe volunteering makes adifference in all lives who participate.

  6. I had to quit my work as a disability rights attorney on account of a chronic illess, and am no longer able to contribute through my work. My illness restricts me to work that can be completed when my varying energy allows. Doing the work on-line would maximize the available time by saving time spent on travel.

  7. I would like to do some virtual volunteering because I would really like to do something involving the computer. I would like to volunteer particularly with this organization because it was the one that helped everyone else set up a virtual volunteering program.

  8. I want to do something to help our children. I'm tired of crying at the end of news reports or from reading the newspaper after reports of children being harmed. These crimes against our children must be stopped.

  9. I would like to help people as much as I can, that is my love, it makes me feel like a better person, using the Internet to make the world a better place just made it easier for me, to find my interest

  10. I want to volunteer with Impact Online because this site is really helpful for many people. I know that there are many people that needs volunteering that they can do at home online, and I'm willing to help them as much as I can.

  11. I think that it is a good idea and an easier way to volunteer than to have to go to another place and volunteer. No board meetings!

  12. I have time on my hands and would like to offer my services to any organisation that can use me

  13. I want to volunteer because I want to get more involved in helping others.

  14. I feel that I have some talents to share with my community. Sharing them actually helps me to hone them. I'm intrigued by the idea of volunteering by e-mail, without even leaving my home. It's important to me to make a contribution to a better world.



  17. Volunteering is rewarding and good for the soul.

  18. I'm interested in finding volunteer opportunities that I can do from home and your virtual volunteer program seems like a great place to start.

  19. I think it is absolutely right on target.

  20. I am very interested in volunteering and doing so via online seems like an interesting and fun way to do it. I've been searching for volunteer work in my community but I don't have access to a car, however, I do have access to a computer and would love to join.

  21. IOL has volunteering programs which are not available with some of the other organizations that i volunteer for. Besides, if i am selected as a volunteer for IOL this would be the first time i would be volunteering for an organization on another coast.

  22. I have been wanting to volunteer for sometime and it is so hard to leave my house because I have 2 children under the age of 3 and we only have 1 car. So I want to help with something But I'm pretty much home bound.

  23. I like to work on some research projects which IOL offers

  24. I've always believed that we should give what we can and consequently have done much volunteering in the past. For several years, however, I have slacked off, rationalizing that I've done my part and it's time for others to take over. That hasn't worked; I still feel the need to contribute. I enjoy writing and am proficient at using the internet. Virtual volunteering (something I never thought of until I saw this site) seems like the perfect way for me to fulfill the need to contribute while doing something I enjoy and am good at.

  25. To obtain experience in my field
    To have a feel of working via the internet
    To prepare myself for a job that I have been seeking for as a software programmer

  26. I am retired and want to contribute to the community and help where I can. I wasn't aware volunteer support totally by internet was an option. It sounds interesting and I would like to learn more about it.

  27. I want to volunteer for this project for 2 reasons: to help others(specifically kids, non-English speaking people, and Seniors) and to get new skills for myself that will be beneficial to my career success. Right now I am in the middle of finding a career path. I still am undecided with what I want to do for the rest of my life. Being a volunteer, online or offline, will get me closer to finding what I really love and what I really am meant to do. I believe joining this Virtual Volunteer project will be a stepping stone to my success. Besides, helping others is always good for the heart!

  28. I would like to try volunteering for this project because I find it to be innovative.
    I have been studying for a year now via correspondance courses dispensed by the Ministry of Education of France (Institut de Rennes). I was amazed at the amount of responses I received whenever I posted questions in Internet forums; I would however have greatly appreciated the help of "Internet tutors" in some subjects. My experience this past year has interested me in helping in the development of the influence of the Internet medium in the field of Education especially.

  29. I can see how woderful a project like this could be if it has the right people with the right attitude toward volunteering. I enjoy using my computer to meet people and it would be a way to put my training to work in an unusual way.

  30. To better my internet/keyboarding skills. To spend my freetime doing something to benefit the community.

  31. To get a feel for helping people in a different and unique way.

  32. I love the internet and I want to help others with disablities find ways to use technology better.

  33. I work from home, in a remote location, and I miss the opportunities to vounteer I had access to in the big city! I have a lot of work and volunteer experiences with non-profits, and I miss the environment (I currently work with the 'for-profit' sector). I also wouldn't mind expanding my onlne consulting services to non-profits in the future, so it would be interesting to learn what services they are seeking.

  34. I would like to contribute my skills, knowledge, abilities, personal experiencs, encouragement, and *WORK* in order to help meet goal that will help improve people's lives. I also want to be involved in a team effort. .

  35. to get volunteer experience
    sounds fun
    for resume

  36. I am a person living with a disability who was home-bound for about three years. I understand the deep impact that internet access has on people who are in similar situations as I was in, and I would like to pass-on this tool to others who are moving towards independance.

  37. I want to help somehow; I feel the best way is via the computer right now. I am a single homeschooling parent of two teenagers, work as a CNA and am responsible for my disabled, aging parents who live in the nursing home I work at. I also want to improve my computer and office skills.

  38. I don't now exactly what kind of volunteering I want to do, or where to find an organization to work with. This seems like a good first step in the volunteering process.

  39. Because I often connect to the internet, so I have time, I like to help other people, and to have kinda "job".

  40. I am interested in using some of my down time to help others. I am a stay at home mom, trying to start my own business, so I have time on my hands and would like to be involved.

  41. I feel the need to give back to the community for the good life I have. I work full time, go to school part time and have a family. Therefore, time constraints prevent spending time somewhere volunteering. Doing it at home via computer seems to be the answer.

  42. I'm intersted in helping community organizations, but have difficult time constraints for most volunteer projects.

  43. A few years ago my child was raped by a family member. At the time we thought our world was coming apart. There was so much hate and bitterness in us as humans, and as a family. We had no help at all. We couldn't turn to friends or other family members, because what happened tore our family structure apart. We only could cope within ourselves. I know that there has to be a way to help other people if it is only to tell them that everything will eventually get back to normal, or just of listen to another mother cry out in pain. Listening to feelings is very important, you have so many, it could go from guilt to hate to wanting to commit a crime yourself. If you have no one to just listen it can drive a person nuts. I would love to be able to help someone with this, since my family and I had no help.

  44. I think it will be fun to do this. I also think that it would make me feel like i was really helping other people down the road.

  45. I am surprised at how difficultit had been to find a volunteer opportunity that is close enough to me that I can participate. Your virtual volunteer project is a great way for me to help and I can do it at home!
    An opportunity like this did not exist a few short years ago, and I want to take advantage of this great opportunity.

  46. I have wanted to volunteer my time for a while but have transportation problems. This is ideal for someone like me.

  47. I would like to become more involved with volunteering and I am finding more volunteer services that want internet experience workers. I have taught several classes on the internet and worked on many web pages. I feel that it is important to use what we learn to help others. I would like to raise awareness of important issues and know that just one person is a positive role model for someone else and a domino effect occurs.

  48. I am new to the computer and internet, but I enjoy them immensely and thought it would be a great combination to assist someone as a volunteer and be able to do it on the internet at the same time! Your program sounds ideal in many ways. I would welcome the opportunity to help get it off the ground if I could do that in ways that are as enjoyable to me as they are helpful to you.

  49. I've been an "online" volunteer for years. In 1995 I was disabled from injuries in an auto accident and my volunteer activities have really proved to be a great asset. So many people would benefit from the same types of opportunities, however, most of them aren't aware they even exist!

  50. i don't own a car so its difficult for me to go out and volunteer a lot. this seems like a good solution to my problems.

  51. I have been looking for a way to volunteer to complete my three NHS hours but decided that I would like to volunteer on an on-going basis. Volunteering virtually greatly interested me in that I do not always have access to transportation (other than the internet super highway!)


  53. I feel that I should help others.

  54. want to use my talents to help others

  55. I currently serve a role as Team Leader, Knowledge Management within Monsanto. I would like to continue to build my skill base, while at the same time contribute directly to communities and organizations other than through whatever contribution I make within the corporate world. This would also help me to develop relationships (however virtual) with other projects and communities in the country without any logistical./physical limitations.

  56. I would like to feel that I am making a contributiong to the community. I don't always have time during "regular" hours and this would appear to be an ideal fit. Thanks to the internet, I don't have to be at the same physical location as the "community" to contribute. In addition, due to the Internet, the community is quite large and diverse. This project seems interesting because I believe that it gives me the opportunity to get more people involved in the community.

  57. To gain experience and utilize my skills in different and creative ways.

  58. I strongly believe in volunteering due to the wonderful rewards if offers the beneficiaries. I have volunteered in the past and found it to be very satisfying, and I wish to continue doing so. I am especially interested in volunteering through Impact Online due to my interest in computers.

  59. I suffer from Panic Attacks and general Agoraphobia as well as soom depression. Recently I found a therapy that has really seemed to work. I have also started attending college to obtain my B.S.W.. Because of these things I am feeling much better and feel like it is time to give something back. I want an opportunity to prove myself. I spend quite a bit of time online anyway and think I may be able to help.

  60. Because I feel that I need to get a head start on the process of getting involves bothe via the net and in real life it is an added plus for almost any thing that you decide to do.

  61. I would like to help in the establishment of virtual volunteering. I believe it is an excellent way for people like me, who love the computer, but are also committed to things like school and Church, reach out and help the community at large. I feel I have a lot of value to this world, it's simply a matter of finding the right resources. This method also enables me to reach out beyond the limited scope of my own community and help those that are in neighboring states and countries.

  62. I have been wanting to work with kids for a while now, but my life has been pretty complicated with college and working fulltime. Now that school is just about over, and my fulltime job has changed, I am able to pursue volunteering and working with kids. This Project is going to allow my schedule to remain flexible to my current needs.

  63. I always want to give time to good causes. This is an opportunity for me to give time without leaving my home. I enjoy using the computer, and I always want to help others

  64. I believe the web should be used as an asset to aid in volunteer activities. The global connections allow a user to reach into areas of research that were once unatainable to the average person, and this can allow for a more comprehensive and effective strategy for an organization. I believe that your Project is an important step in this direction, and I would like to help any way I can.

  65. I want to help out in anyway possible.

  66. I am very familiar with the internet, and when I read about virtual volunteering, I thought it sounded like a great way to get involved helping others. The fact that it is online makes it easier for me, as I am a high school senior and am involved in several activities after school, working on-line is more flexible--not to mention, it uses less gas!

  67. I want to use my writing skills to help others.

  68. I usually have a lot of downtime in the office since I can't leave before my boss does (around 9pm). Since I can't volunteer afterwork because of the late hours, I would love to do something meaningful during the afternoon when I have to stay in the office but have nothing to do.

  69. I am very interested in volunteering with this Project because, for the first time in my life, I actually have time to do something like this. I am a stay-at-home mom, and I'm used to keeping quite busy. I would love the opportunity to make an impact in our communities.

  70. I feel that I have a good deal to offer organizations that currently have no website or that may have a small website that they would like to expand. I also have good researching skills that would be valuable to organizations that need to gather information from the web for various projects and such.

    Also, I do not have reliable transportation and feel it would be difficult to volunteer on a regular basis.

  71. I am looking for virtual volunteering opportunities, the nature of this project will obviously help me. You are in beta test phase, you are looking for people that have some volunteer experience, that can meet deadlines, that are self-motivated, that can work on their own without supervision, and that are available, I think I have these qualities.

  72. I really want to volunteer and make a difference but I cant really do much things outside because I cant really go anywhere far and like this I can do at night after I finish my homework. The other volunteering things like on-site volunteer projects require me to go at a time which is very uncomfortable for me.

  73. 1. I am interested in having a job via Internet.
    2. I am interested in international relationships because of many reasons.

  74. I spend quite a bit of time online at work and at home. The thought that I can do that AND help out is attractive.

  75. Because I have many computer related skills that I feel I could share via virtual volunteering. I am a very good communicator both verbally and using other methods such as e-mail.

  76. As a graduating high school senior I need many volunteer hours for resumes for college admissions and scholarships. Your virtual volunteer option fits my capabilities and time schedule and seems like something I would enjoy doing.

  77. I'm interested in participating with the beta test matching volunteers to positions.

  78. I have experience being with an intergroup that compiled records which intergrated location sites, addresses, & times of meetings. I assigned people to various duties such as answering hot line phone calls, & had keys and access to an office by which i would co-ordinate with other agencies of same interests.

  79. I want to gain more experience with designing websites. I also am interested in helping non-profit organizations.

  80. I have extra time on my hands and would like to spend it helping others and the community. I have volunteered before and got unique satisfaction out of it.

  81. I am really interested in volunteering on internet because it seems to be a new try for me.

  82. I love to volunteer and help others. However, I have asthma and it is sometimes very difficult for me to volunteer in person. I believe there are many people out there who would benefit from this type of a program, as well as organizations who could definitely use the assistance of virtual volunteers.

  83. I have been looking for a volunteer project that would keep me close to home. This is ideal!

  84. I enjoy volunteering and I am a homemaker who is looking for a way to stay busy and help my community

  85. It's a good way for me to keep my skills sharpe while I'm seeking employment.

  86. I am looking for opportunities for the Community Service class that I teach

  87. I am seeking ways to make a difference in the world, and using the power of the Internet to do that just seems natural.

  88. I am a part-time environmental science laboratory instructor for Adams State College and would like to donate some of my time and experience to a volunteer organization.

  89. I do on-line stuff all the time, it would be good to do something to help others along the way.

  90. To help the organizations that enrich today's youth.

  91. I want to volunteer, because I was once a volunteer at my library and since I didn't have a ride to go there it was hard for me to go. So I thought that if I volunteer and do the work at home it would be a lot easier for me. And I certainly would like to get a recomandation for my college folder.

  92. Because, first of all, I came from a country where most of the population don't have half of the opportunities that i've had in life , so i've always wanted to work in a project like that.Since I live in a place wich is a little far from downtown, it's preety hard for me to go to the voluteering centers, and that's why I think that doing this through the Web is exactly what I needed

  93. I enjoy developing for the web, and giving my time for worthwhile causes.

  94. It is my first . I want to start from beginning.

  95. Build Web Pages

  96. I want to build up a resume so that I can do web design as a career.

  97. For the purpose that I want to volunteer with this project that I wanted to show them of my great extensive of knowledgement of designing Web and Multimedia. I also have lots of motivation and inventive ideas that I would like to help them with exciting web site.

  98. I'd like to share my own experience in Web development and found new contacts, jobs, etc. In the other hand I have a couple of spare time and looking for job for spend time more efficiently.

  99. For two reasons; the first is that I really want to learn how to create a web-site. Two, I would like to help out a non-profit organization (preferably an environmental group).

  100. we enjoy web desgn

  101. It's always a simple answer, gain more experiece, learn more.

  102. I feel I can be of help in constructing data bases using Microsoft Access. I have been involved with for nearly 10 years.

  103. I want to volunteer for a project,hopefully with a group such as WWF, Greenpeace, or any other that has to do with wildlife, and/or wildlife habitat. I havn't been able to afford to donate to any of these causes, so I was hoping to be able to help via online.

  104. i am not working fulltime right now, but i am looking, so am looking for short-term volunteer opportunities using my skills. interests=sucking the techies into the voluntary sector. :>) howvolunteer=internet research, writing, limited web page production (content - i am graphically-challenged).

  105. I would like to increase non-profit organizations' reach through new media means, such as internet. I hope to establish a greater public interested in their cause, thus contributing to their efforts.

  106. I want to volunteer, and i was also assigned to it

  107. I like helping people, in particular I enjoy helping others establish or become comfortable having a 'web presence' be that a personal home page, learning to use an email client, participating in a list discussion. I also have the time and skills to give to others in these areas as well as helping write/edit pages for sites.

  108. I spend a lot of time working and felt the need to do something other than put in a lot of hours working towards a paycheck. I want to make a positive contribution to someone else's life in some way.

  109. I have been afforded alot of opportunities in my life that others may have not had. I believe it is time to start giving back to society.

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