Has volunteering virtually allowed you to volunteer for an organization in ways you couldn't otherwise?

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  9. It helped work for an organization I like while side-stepping the specific members I didn't like.

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  11. My health problem (severe allergies to fragrances) won't permit me to participate extra social events. Most people are walking perfume factories and are completly unaware of it. I go right into seizures because of fragrances. I also work from home, by the way, because most offices are unable to accomodate me. I think there are LOTS of people who would volunteer over the Internet. I know of an elderly gentleman who's body doesn't cooperate too well, but his mind is extremely sharp. Via Internet, he can pass on his wisdom & encouragement.

  12. I don't need to worry about getting transportation to my vounteer place.

  13. This way I am able to spend more time with my kids. I am a single parent and even though they're teenagers, we like to be together as much as possible.

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  15. Traveling can be difficult for me-at times, because I can't drive- due to vision impairment, so this is (website(s)) a good way to help out for me...

  16. The association helped me out by splitting the cost of a high quality printer with me in exchange for two years of putting together the newsletter. As a full time grad student - that was a HUGE help.

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  18. I haven't been doing volunteer work long enough.

  19. The key in how I volunteer is my computer skill level--not physical ability. I'm not a volunteer who works in the shelter. I'm the planner, the organizer, the phone caller who make sure the details are taken care of for the entire volunteer project.

  20. It allows me to be in constant contact via email.

  21. This is a funny question with a funny answer. Internet technology allows people to leave their disabilities behind. We are all the same on the internet. No disabilities, race, or religion. We are united as one person. I recently found out that the fellow I worked with through NCMP had no light perception. He is a wonderful caring person. His vision loss in no way affected his terrific personality. It has been a wonderful experience.

  22. Working from my home, I am able to work for 20 or 30 minutes and then lay down to rest or lounge in a chair with my neck and shoulders supported. Since the injury involves degenerative joint disease in my neck this is very important. Working like this allows me the freedom to be able to work instead of living on SSI/Disability the rest of my life.

  23. D.K

  24. It would be difficult for me to work a 8-5 job. My disability is in my neck and eliminates repetitive motion. This makes it hard to find a regular job. With VV, I am able to maintain a schedule that suits my needs. After working at home for the last 1 1/2 years, I am able to work when I have the energy and don't hurt. I can then take a break and intersperse my activities with household chores. If I need to lay down to rest, I have that ability. VV has also allowed me to expand my skills as each new job brings some new challenge.

  25. The County Office Building, which has the Health Dept. offices, is overcrowded. Access to a computer and a desk would be difficult so working from home is easier. Also, Internet access is very slow from the office and much better at my house. The Mental Health Assoc. was sharing offices and didn't have much equipment to do office tasks.

  26. It has allowed me to continue helping out the organization even though I'm halfway across the country.

  27. Yes, I can do it any time day or night, regardless of the weather or anything else. I can do it between times when I'm doing my paid at-home job. As a result I do it many hours every day.

  28. Yes. I work full-time. I would be unable to give the support i am able to give while the necessary staff was available.

  29. My health sometimes affects my memory and with computer work, I can organize and document work to allow me to deal with many more complex details and more projects than I could handle manually. I can take breaks when needed and not be affecting anyone else.

  30. Can't volunteer during regular business hours.

  31. No answer.

  32. I'm not physically challenged, but I do have a busy schedule. My virtual volunteer activities have allowed me to complete projects and deliver the work via modem/Internet, instead of having to drive many miles or pay exhorbitant U.S. Postal rates.

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  34. My sleep patterns are highly irregular. I have just about given up on making appointments for anything because I never know if I will sleep through the appointment or not. Answering questions via email allows me to help without a regular schedule.

  35. Obviously, I have been able to continue my work on the Greensburg, PA website from Menlo Park, CA. I would caution anyone taking on website design work that it is MUC H easier to work face-to-face, at least part of the time.

  36. World wide access. Gives organization an image of being current, up-to-date.

  37. Sending e-alerts has got to be the BEST thing that I have discovered. News can travel quickly and people can act on the info easily and swiftly.

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  39. I have a full time job, which also requires more than an hour commute, each way. At the end of a day I still have time to check messages and do whatever needs doing.

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  41. They are just too numerous to name. There are many things that haven't even been done yet.

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