What did you like about volunteering via the Internet, as opposed to 
volunteering in-person/face-to-face?

1	No answer.

2 I avoid the distractions and stay out of office rivalries.

3 No answer.

4 I was able to work independantly, and within the medium that I was hoping to do future non-volunteer based work. Plus, the internet truly breaks down geographical borders. I was able to effectively work with a New York based organization from literally the other side of the world, here in Australia.

5 Can do it on my own time schedule.

6 More data transfer. Written format allows them to return again and again to a statement or thought, until the time when they need that data coincides with the moment at which they receive(d) it. More people who are likewise curious. Less time-consuming than meetings (usually boring, and incredibly a waste of time, and physically unpleasant often). More intense relationships can evolve because there is less fear of losing face, etc. They can ask real questions without having to worry about looking stupid. I probably don't worry about that. But some do. That's OK. It's just easier to get down to brass tacks on email, or the web. More like minded individuals rallying 'round a shared belief as well. Like minds create when put together. Not boring.

7 It allowed me to be useful, within the limitations of my illness.

8 Well, I havn't done much face-to-face volunteer work, but I suppose the risk of being put in an uncomfortable situation is less if you're working via the net, because the personal interaction is more distant. Of course, the lessened degree of personal contact limits the sort of work that can be done via the net, I'd think.

9 Able to do it any time; learned about the Web in the process; avoided frustration intrinsic to group meetings; sense of fostering community, even if electronic.

10 The time flexability.

11 NOT GETTING SICK in an effort to help others. Now I can help others, but not go into seizures because of it.

12 I could stay home and do it. I could volunteer whenever convenient for me.

13 No drive time

14 The type of info I'm looking for, I can get the information much faster and in my own time frame - without playing phone tag.

15 No answer.

16 I could do the tasks on my own time.

17 No answer.

18 I can pace myself.

19 Flexiblity in setting hours.

20 To be honest, I am not comfortable with direct support of needy individuals.-- I enjoy it, but I am troubled by enjoying helping them when I know they would rather they didn't need help.. if that makes an ounce of sense-- whats fun for me isn't fun for them.

21 I can do it from home. I'm helping others as well as taking care of my children.

22 Again...the ability to work when I want.

23 I could do things more on my schedule. Of course, this is sometimes not a positive aspect.

24 Face to face requires a specific time commitment. Virtual volunteering can be done when convenient for me at my pace.

25 Physically easier for me. I sometimes have anxiety which makes it hard to go to unfamiliar places or places which do not feel safe.

26 The timing is set to my schedule and lets me do things as I have the time rather than being tied to a set schedule. I hate set schedules...

27 Can reach more people and also the organization I work for is only online.

28 Time.

29 I can stretch my skills, work on my own schedule and still "meet" very interesting people.

30 Availability.

31 I can devote more time to it since there is no travel time involved.

32 Scheduling conflicts are reduced, re: travel time.

33 It gives me a chance to write, but otherwise, I prefer face-to- face.

34 Due to skin sensitivities I have developed after an allergic reaction to one soap product, I can't bathe too often without adverse reactions. That and my low income which limits the clothes I can buy means that my personal appearance can leave a bit to be desired. Appearance doesn't count on the Internet.

35 Ability to work from home or office.

36 No answer.

37 Efficient way to gather and distribute info

38 No answer.

39 I can set my own schedule, and help the organization reach a global audience.

40 I like them both. The Internet would win though, in that it is so much easier to get work done than having to trudge out in whatever weather to go whereever.

41 I like both. The Internet offers a wider range of contact.

42 No answer.

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