What types of virtual volunteering opportunities do you wish were 
available that you haven't yet encountered?

1	Proofing, data entry for people, helping youth with homework 
	and friendship. I find it is easy to be on a level playing field for 
	all people, no mater what your abilities, etc...

2 Can't think of any.

3 No answer.

4 I'd like to do more volunteering in a similar capacity. I have not finished browsing your site at this point, so I don't know if you have any means for me to contact other non-profits who need web page design. But, that would be a great tool for both myself and the organization.

5 None.

6 That's sort of like trying to imagine that the world is round, when it still *looks* flat because everyone still believes it's flat! I would like contacts with organizations working with the Hmong culture. I can communicate with other Americans about the culture and would like to help them in designing programs which will actually work with the Hmong culture if they saw it more realistically.

7 I'd like to pick up short jobs that would use my skills and knowledge and put them to good use for causes I care about.

8 No answer.

9 Helping compile a women's calendar or newsletter for New York City.

10 No answer.

11 The Internet is still young. Using it to the fullest degree hasn't even been tapped yet.By using the Internet for research, I learned about the dozens of distance-learning classes offered, and now I am enrolled in two different colleges. The Internet made formal education possible, even when it wasn't available locally. (Distance Learning). Because of the Internet, I was able to really check out working at home in my "chosen" career, to see if it really is viable. We're talking life-style change because of Internet resources. Volunteering via the Internet hasn't even begun to be tapped. Sharing of information in EVERY walk of life is possible. There are necessary precautions to take. Just because someone offers free info doesn't mean the info is correct. So there needs to be some kind of qualifiers in place for formal volunteering via the Internet. Chat rooms are one thing, formal volunteers are another.

12 No answer.

13 Encouragement. Mentoring. Writing.

14 No answer.

15 No answer.

16 Until I found your site, I never thought about it - even what I am doing hadn't seemed like volunteering, per se. I am used to thinking of volunteerism in a small scope - I am glad to have that vision expanded.

17 No answer.

18 More writing opportunities.

19 No answer.

20 A large scale web-based project with TONS of traffic.

21 Web design help for local schools.

22 I hadn't thought about it.

23 I haven't really seen any other opportunities before now. 24 I've been so busy that I haven't had time to think about this one. Next time...

25 No answer.

26 No answer.

27 None I can think of.

28 No answer.

29 No ideas yet.

30 ????

31 No answer.

32 More in the area of development of programs.

33 No answer.

34 I'm not sure. One talent I have seems to be an ability to debug software. I have a knack for spotting *why* things are going wrong and, frequently, finding a fix. With all of the buggy software out there, I wish there was some way to put those talents to work.

35 I haven't researched what other Virtual Volunteering opportunities are available. My thought, before I saw your website, had been to contact nonprofit organizations that didn't already have websites to see if they would like me to set one up. My experience with the Greensburg Art Club (GAC), however, is that each site could become an ongoing maintenance task. GAC, for example, has no members qualified to maintain a website. So it will be difficult to find someone else to take over maintenance if/when I want to move on. I had hopes that with the new web publishing tools, my sister could learn to do maintenance herself. However, it seems to be too hard for someone without any computer experience beyond a word processor and email. And telephone support is not a task that I ever volunteer for.

36 No answer.

37 No answer.

38 No answer.

39 None. I just wish I had more time for those I know about.

40 I envision a hospice network, where volunteers can come to hospice clients and help them with a laptop or other computer and get them to connect to other hospice patients and share their experience and pain. They could have access to information on new research for their Illness or even alternative treatments they couldn't know about otherwise. Ultimately, they could gain some of the control over their lives that is robbed by their illness.

41 No answer.

42 Instead of doing it all myself, mistakes and all; I would like to work with others removing porno sites.

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