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IMO: The Best FREE Internet-Based Resources
for Mission-Based Organizations

(Nonprofits, NGOs, schools, civil society, etc.)

There is a staggering amount of free, very helpful information online for nonprofits, NGOs and other mission-based organizations. But to access this information, you need not only an Internet connection - you need to READ IT.

I endorse the following Web sites as the BEST Internet-based resources for mission-based organizations (non-profits, non-governmental organizations/NGOs, civil society, public sector agencies). The following were chosen to be listed here as the "best", in my opinion, because they are all or most of the following

The resources below are not only the ones that stand out -- I use them frequently myself.

This is not a comprehensive list. It's a subjective list, based entirely on my opinion.

Many, many links to other suggested sites are also included within the my web site's other pages. But remember -- no one site can list every valuable link on a subject as broad as nonprofits. Also, what I find valuable, you may find too basic; and what you find valuable may not be relevant to my own experience. Finding the information you need most means researching sites yourself . And, finally as mentioned earlier, you have to READ the information (or, in some cases, listen to it):

Otherwise, please contact me for permission to reprint, present or distribute these materials (for instance, in a class or book or online event for which you intend to charge).

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