This resource was developed by Jayne Cravens for Sanchez Elementary School in Austin, Texas;
the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin; and the Virtual Volunteering Project.
This online mentoring program is no longer operational; these web materials have been preserved to help other schools develop their own online mentoring programs. You can find more online mentoring resources here
Version: December 15, 2000
Sanchez Elementary School
Online Mentoring Program

Welcome! This web site is for participants and parents of students
in the Sanchez Elementary School Online Mentoring Program.

Introduction Materials

Why This Program Has Been Launched
Information on what this program is, the organizations launching it, the children involved, the GOALS of this program, and how we hope it will benefit participating students.

Who Are the People Behind This Program
About the teachers at Sanchez Elementary School and the coordinator at the Virtual Volunteering Project, and how to contact them.

Program Benefits: Why Volunteer For This?
How we hope this program will benefit adult participants in this program, staff at Sanchez Elementary School, parents, other online mentoring programs, and the public!

Program Expectations for Online Mentors
How much time this program will take, dos and don'ts as part of a mentor's participation in this program, how long of a commitment a mentor makes, and so forth.

Who Were Asked to be Mentors?
And Where Did All This Material Come From?

Only a very select group of people were asked to participate in this online mentoring program. A variety of resources were also used to develop this Web site.

Are Your Ready to be an Online Mentor?
Take this quick, short survey to find out!

Application for Online Mentors
We are not accepting applications from new mentors in this program. We are keeping this application form (now disabled) up for reference. Completing this application was by invitation only.

Information for Parents
Specific information for parents of children participating in this program.

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Mentor Profiles

About the Students

Guidelines for Online Mentors

Online Activity Ideas for Mentors and Protegés


Online Mentoring Guidelines and Activities

Once an online mentor has completed the Application for Online Mentors and been accepted into the program, these are the materials the volunteer will use as part of his or her experience in this program:

Sanchez Elementary School-Online Mentoring
Volunteer Guidelines and Mentoring Activities

The handbook for accepted mentors in this program. Includes information about the fourth graders at Sanchez and their neighborhood; information about the mentors; tips for getting started in your online relationship and suggestions for activities to maintain the relationship; policies and procedures; safety guidelines; an overview of online culture; and much more.


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VERSION: December 15, 2000

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