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Online Volunteering Awards 2002 - 2006
Breakdown by country of nationality or residency

Each year from 2002 through 2006, the staff at the United Nations Volunteers programme that managed the Online Volunteering service named online volunteers of the year - people that had provided exceptional service to an agency, or more than one agency, they helped via the OV service. Using archives from archive.org, I did an analysis of the recipients of the award in 2002 through 2006 by country of nationality or residency.

Please note that I do NOT have contact information for these volunteers. Also, the volunteers themselves identified the name of their country of origin or their nationality.

Europe: 9
Carlos Jiménez (Spain)
Sandrine Cortet (France/USA)
Lourdes Sada (Spain)
Delia Tasso (Italy)
Beatriz Iglesias (Spain)
Blandina Musvoto (Zimbabwean - living in Denmark at time of award)
lavia Trevisani (Italian - living in the Netherlands at time of award)
Yasemin Gunay (Turkey)
Paul Fifen Chimy (Cameroon/France)

Developing countries:
Kashif Kamran (Pakistan)
Ana Maria da F.M. Saravia (Brazil)
Haingonirina Angie Ramaroson (Madagascar/USA)
Mohammad Ashaq Malik (India/Eritrea)
Dieudonné Amisi Mutambala (D.R. Congo)
Edna Eufemio (Philippines)
Minh Vo (Viet Nam)
Lakshmi Poorna (India)
Taru Agarwal (India)
Biswajit Dash (India)
Kalyani Suresh (India)
Rajaa Habeeb Abdullah Allwatiah (Oman)
Raul Alberto Caceres (Colombia)
Solomon Sackitey (Ghana)
Su Melser (Costa Rica)
George Okello Gopal (Kenya)
Maria Yvette Reyes (Philippines - currently living in Israel/Palestine)
Natalya Korobeynyk
Paula Santos Vizcaino (Uruguay)
Miodrag Zivkovic (Serbia and Montenegro)
Stanley Tuvako (Kenya)
Adedoyin Onasanya (Nigeria)
Angelica Hasbun (Costa Rica)
Javier Wilson (Nicaragua)

USA, Canada, Australia - 21
Kelly (Xiaodong) Zeng (China/USA)
Elizabeth and Tim Rose (Canada)
Lela Rachman Talogo (Canada)
Cynthia Holland (Canada)
Deborah D'Amico (Canada)
Jay Martin (Australia)
Charles Forrester (Australia)
Ayan Humbert-Droz (Australia)
Priscilla Lynch (USA)
Sonia Ignatova (USA)
Stephan Bren (USA)
Shane Messer (U.S.A.)
Claire Suzanne Holland (USA)
FIan Foster (Australia)
Will R. Wallace (USA)
Anne-Catherine Yon (USA)
Mark Wireman (USA)
Raj Gopal Prasad Kantamneni (USA)
Joanne K. Morse (USA)
Laurie Moy (USA)
Terry Rosenlund (USA)
Yvonne Swain (USA)


Also see lessons from onlinevolunteering.org. This is a list of key learnings from the UN's Online Volunteering service from February 2001 to February 2005, including support materials for those using the service to host online volunteers.

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