My Favorite Resources Relating to Dogs

These resources are ones that I use, or have used, myself, and feel that I can personally endorse:

Plea: Don't give up on your dog! If you are experiencing problems, whatever they are (barking, chewing, jumping on people, aggression), please take the time to find a dog trainer in your area, to go to training regularly, and to read everything you can find that might help you. Most problems with dogs can be overcome, if YOU will make the commitment in terms of time (yes, it will take real time on your part) -- and the results will be not only a better-behaved dog, but a relationship with your dog that will be one of the most precious things you have ever experienced.

The Humane Society of the United States has a wonderful and much-needed campaign called "Pets for Life." The campaign features a variety of programs to empower pet caregivers to solve the problems that threaten their relationships with pets. Behavior problems top the list of reasons for sending pets to shelters -- where, in the U.S., millions of adoptable dogs and cats are put to sleep each year. Other dogs and cats are given up because of the owner's lifestyle changes, such as the birth of a child, family members with allergies or a family member with a disability. Still others are given up because their caregivers couldn't find pet-friendly rental housing, or because their owners simply had unrealistic expectations about what it meant to care for a pet. The goal of the Pets for Life campaign is to curtail the numbers of animals relinquished to shelters - or otherwise given up on - by helping people address all of the aforementioned issues, rather than giving up entirely on their pets. These resources can also help those considering the adoption of a dog or cat to better prepare for the LIFETIME experience.

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