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Louisville, Kentucky Needs a Travelers' Hostel
There is NO travelers' hostel in Louisville. But there should be!

Louisville, Kentucky needs a travelers' hostel:
a nonprofit guest house in a scenic or historic part of town (the Highlands),
or at least near such, providing a safe, basic, comfortable, interesting, clean, inexpensive,
comfortable, welcoming place to stay, and providing a focal point in the community
as a place to welcome travelers, particularly those coming from other countries.

A hostel would bring international visitors to Louisville,
travelers that could not otherwise afford to visit Kentucky,
and travelers that look for hostels specifically because of
the kind of culture and authentic traveling experience they represent.

The hostel would promote an image of Louisville to travelers as a welcoming place
where local culture is unique and accessible, and put Louisville in the league of other USA cities that have hostels and are high on the list of places to visit for adventure, budget and international travelers: Austin, Texas; Portland, Oregon; Madison, Wisconsin; Seattle, Washington; and Boston, Massachusetts, among just a few others.

The hostel would also provide people in Louisville the opportunity to interact with adventure travelers and international travelers that they might not have otherwise, and create a local network of people who want to share travel stories and tips and learn more about various kinds of travel (adventure traveling, travel to developing countries, voluntourism, etc.)

Louisville and the surrounding areas of Kentucky have a lot to offer adventure travelers,  international travelers and those looking for unique, authentic American experiences: the bars and restaurants of Bardstown Road, the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, the Muhammad Ali Center, the Speed Art Museum, the Zip Line Tours at the Louisville Mega Cavern and Actors Theater of Louisville, to name but a few.

In addition, Bardstown, Mammoth Cave National Park, the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, the Maker's Mark Distillery, and various Civil War sites provide just some of the many day trips possible to do from Louisville.

The successful launch and maintenance of a nonprofit hostel could lead to creation of another hostel - or more - in Kentucky, or in surrounding states (see a list of hostels in the USA).


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This proposal in detail:

I don't currently live in Louisville, but Kentucky is my home state, where all of my family lives. Louisville is a very special city to me. If you have any interest in being a part of creating a traveler's hostel in Louisville, please review this proposal in detail and then contact me and tell me why you are interested in this project, and how you envision being involved in this project. If enough people contact me, perhaps we can start plans to make this hostel a reality.

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