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Proposed Administration & Fundraising for
a  Louisville, Kentucky Travelers' Hostel

The hostel would be owned by a nonprofit organization, overseen by an all-volunteer board of directors of at least five people. There would be at least one paid staff person, who would oversee operations, but as much as possible, the hostel would be staffed and supported by volunteers from the community, creating local ownership in the hostel and supporting the hostels mission to .

A partnership would be formed with a public university to have students studying business, marketing, hospitality and other related subjects work at and on behalf of the hostel, in return for class credit and practical experience for their résumés.

All hostel volunteers would be interviewed, background-checked, trained, supervised and frequently evaluated.

Policies and procedures would be in writing and all volunteers and paid staff would be required to follow such, on penalty of dismissal.

All volunteers would be asked to pay a small yearly membership fee to cover the costs associated with training and supporting them.

Some events would have a small admission fee; some events would be free but donations would be asked for.

The hostel would generate income through the rental to visitors of beds, linens, and lockers, and, perhaps, rental of a meeting room if it has such. It would also generate income from cash donations and event fees (see above). The hostel would also close as a regular hostel each year for the week of the Kentucky Derby, when it would offer accommodations at Derby-level prices and be staffed entirely by volunteers, with the goal being to raise at least $20,000 after expenses.

The goal would be for the hostel to have an average occupancy rates of at least 55% yearly.


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This is the budget for the Portland, Oregon hostel for fiscal year ending in 2011, and it offers a benchmark for what the annual expenses of a hostel would be. It does not, however, note the costs of securing and renovating a location, securing permits, obtaining equipment, etc.:
Membership fees $25,233   Program Services $256,867
Hostel fees $217,690   Fund Raising $3,218
Cash donations $27,752   Admin $33,812
Other $12,712  

Total Revenue $283,387
Total Expenditures $293,897

This budget resulted in a $10,510 deficit for the following fiscal year.

More of this proposal in detail:

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If you have any interest in being a part of creating a traveler's hostel in Louisville, please review this proposal in detail and then contact me and tell me why you are interested in this project. If enough people contact me, perhaps we can start plans to make this hostel a reality.

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