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  A Louisville, Kentucky Travelers' Hostel:
Steps to Make This Happen

  • At least 12 people would need to volunteer at least 10 hours a month for at least nine months undertaking any of the following steps.
  • An existing nonprofit organization in Louisville, would need to be willing to act as fiscal sponsor, to accept cash donations on this endeavor's behalf until a nonprofit is established.
  • Expenses for the first year would need to be identified. Expenses would include:
  • estimation of a down payment on a site
  • estimation for renovations
  • estimation for monthly mortgage payments
  • estimation for monthly utilities
  • estimation of insurance coverage for both volunteers and contractors working onsite as well as for guests
  • and all city, county and state fees required
  • Pro bono legal support would be needed to help form a nonprofit and to file the necessary permits for such a site, and pro bono accounting support would be needed to prepare a budget and to track expenses and spending for at least 12 months.
  • At least $50,000 would need to be raised.


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All of the above would need to be done before the nonprofit formally launched (with at least five people making a year-long commitment to serve on the board of directors) and before a formal search for a hostel site began.  Once the nonprofit is established, it could open a bank account and terminate its relationship with the fiscal agent.

Once a possible site is identified, the nonprofit would have to take the necessary steps to buy the site or to take on a long-term lease regarding the site, and this would require further fundraising. In addition, in-kind donations regarding furniture, kitchen tools, and other furnishings, as well as donating labor, would need to be sought.

The board of directors and other volunteers would also need to draft and approve policies and procedures for the operation of the hostel, including behavior and responsibilities of paid staff and volunteers.

This proposal in detail:
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If you have any interest in being a part of creating a traveler's hostel in Louisville, please review this proposal in detail and then contact me and tell me why you are interested in this project. If enough people contact me, perhaps we can start plans to make this hostel a reality.

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