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The ICT4EMPL Future Work project aims to inform policy of new forms of work and pathways to employability mediated by ICTs - Information and Communications Technologies ( The overall ICT4EMPL project produced a series of reports on the state of play of novel forms of internet-mediated work activity: crowd-sourced labour, crowdfunding, internet-mediated volunteering and internet-mediated work exchange (timebanks and complementary currency).

This wiki is a knowledge base to inform the final report, published in 2013, describing the state of the art of knowledge on internet-mediated volunteering in general, in the different European traditions, specifically related to either the adoption of online and mobile ways of operating by volunteering services, or new 'born-digital' schemes.

Here is the final paper associated with this part of the ICT4EMPL project.

This activity was explored in relation to key themes of opportunities for entrepreneurship and self employment, skills and social inclusion, and transition from education to employment for young people.

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If you are interested in virtual volunteering, not just as it applies to Europe but as it is undertaken worldwide, please see the Virtual Volunteering Wiki, which continues to be updated.

For more information on how organizations can leverage Internet-mediated volunteering, see:

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