The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook

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Completely revised and updated!
Published January 2014.

On Volunteerism & Volunteer Management

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    This section of my web site serves as a portal to the various volunteerism and volunteer-management resources I've created or which I've contributed to, and to house original work that is not under the auspices of another organizations. It includes:
    • my essays and resources about volunteer engagement/management and volunteerism (community engagement) not published elsewhere online, including information about virtual volunteering, microvolunteering,  international volunteering, and employees on-loan/corporate volunteers.

    • various volunteerism and volunteer engagement/management resources I've created, or to which I've contributed, for other organizations, including the United Nations, on subjects such as online volunteering/virtual volunteering, using handheld technologies as part of volunteering activities, online mentoring, and the essential role volunteers play in community technology centers/community media centers, particularly in developing countries.

    • my own experiences as a volunteer and my thoughts on volunteer motivations, volunteer engagement/management and volunteerism in general.

    • my favorite resources regarding volunteer engagement/management and volunteerism, outstanding and essential books and online resources from trusted, established people and organizations.

    • resources for volunteers: advice for teens who want to volunteer, advice for volunteers who want to hold a fundraising event, advice for people who want to volunteer abroad, and so much more.

    my essays and resources about volunteer management and volunteerism:
    • Myths About Online Volunteering (Virtual Volunteering)
      Online volunteering means unpaid service that is given by volunteers via the Internet. It's also known as virtual volunteering, online mentoring, ementoring, evolunteering, cyber volunteering, cyber service, telementoring, online engagement, and on and on. Here is a list of common myths about online volunteering, and my attempt to counter them.

    • Studies and Research Regarding Online Volunteering / Virtual Volunteering
      While there is a plethora of articles and information about online volunteering, there has been very little research published regarding the subject. This is a compilation of publicly-available research regarding online volunteering, and a list of suggested possible angles for researching online volunteering. New contributions to this page are welcomed, including regarding online mentoring programs.

    volunteerism and volunteer-management resources I've created, or to which I've contributed, for other organizations, including the United Nations:
    resources for volunteers:
    (note that some these go to a different part of my web site that includes advertising)

    Most of the academic articles that have cited my work regarding virtual volunteering are listed at my Google Scholar account 

    Kofi Annan and Online Volunteering
    (I made the UN Secretary General laugh)
    A personal commentary about my encounter with Mr. Annan at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in 2003.

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